Hi, I'm Sakeenah,


A Southern California Native with a passion for playing in the kitchen! Influenced and taught by my Mom and inspired by my taste bud!!  I'm a Chocolate Lover and also have a love for all things baked, buttered, breaded, roasted, slow cooked or grilled! I love experimenting with various flavors and have grown to use many accent ingredients that enhance my baking experience!  

 I decided that my love for baking was strong enough to start an online dessert shop allowing me to share some things that I love most with you! I have grown from my most unforgettable kitchen blunders that have only helped to shape my fearlessness in the kitchen!!

Contact me directly and share some of your sweet ideas and we'll do a monthly feature with you! I hope to meet you soon but until then-be well and hats off to those that share a love for edible cravings-both salty and sweet!

Never forget to make it sweet!